Monday, September 20, 2004

well, I must say that my school experience was indeed an enriching one. didn't get the chance to teach Geography but did observe some classes, from Sec 1 to Sec 3 because the sec 4s and 5s were in the midst of some exam or something. the technical stream classes definitely had shorter attention spans but what surprised me was their eagerness to answer questions posed by the teacher. this was especially true of a particular secondary one technical class where i would say at least three quarters of the class raised their hands to answer questions! in another sec 1 techincal class, the teacher used bribes.. hmm or should i say forms of motivations to encourage the class to answer the questions she posed. hmm we often talk about creative learning, thinking of ways to make the lesson interesting etc. however, most of the lessons that i observed were still very much teacher-centred. i was told that pupils in this school were very weak academically and the teachers felt that varying their methods such as the use of videos or role-playing would slow down the lesson and they could not afford the time to do so.

one lesson which i found particularly interesting was a sec one normal stream geo lesson whereby the teacher used powerpoint. the slides were very colourful and had many graphics. the students seemed engaged in this lesson and were very spontaneous in answering questions. the teacher told me that she needed to make the slides attractive as they were a visual stimulant and she did notice a difference when she used powerpoint in contrast to the other methods she used previously.

i was glad to be given the opportunity to teach although it wasnt geo, but i guess the experience will come in useful for geo too. My CT gave me a better class which was relatively easy to handle. Im glad he did because i sat in for one of the sec 3 techinical classes and they were definitely a handfull! gosh, think teaching a class like that would probably drain all my energy for the day. it's like a class full of ibrahims during micro-teaching. *gasps*

ah well, i must say that i definitety learnt a lot from school experience although the condition of the school wasnt exactly great because we were in a holding school. it was a different school culture which i have never encountered before.


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