Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Well, thought that I'll post some of my thoughts before my micro-teaching later. I've prepared for the lesson already, or so i think! guess how well the lesson goes will very much depend on classroom management or whether the class decides to be devils or angels. yikes! hm, I'm not too sure if I'm trying to cover too much in one lesson, realised that there can be so many things that can be done. While preparing for the lesson, I tried to ensure that it was not teacher-centred and that the teacher was there mainly to faciliate discussion. Students will be encouraged to think, but this might make it more difficult since they might come up with irrelevant answers or perhaps even extremely intelligent answers that I would have difficulty answering. The worksheets are fairly simple so the class should not have any problems answering the questions which are straightfoward. The worksheet is designed in such a way that the first and second sections are easy to answer while the third section requires more thinking. thought perhaps this is a normal academic class so would be good to give them some confidence when they know the answers. In addition, these will later help in their later activities.

I decided to try use video since Kenneth was hoping someone would use it and I wanted to do something different too. Also, i feel that students will probably be attentive and interested with the use of the video especially with the sounds, pictures etc. The video will be used as a trigger activity for the topic. hee alright, enough said for now. will be back after my micro-teaching :)


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