Saturday, September 11, 2004

my 2 cents worth on Run' Er :)

phew...nothing else to hand in for the week! for once, can breathe a little more easily. haha i spent like 8 hours at Jurong Pt just now.. talk about getting a life. hee.. alright..blogging time once again...

Hmm basically I think Run’ Er’s lesson went rather well though I felt that she was too nice! She was very accommodating and smiled a lot. In terms of a real setting, she might either get bullied or maybe the students will not take advantage of her since they will feel bad. Guess it really depends on the students. Some things that I think could have been improved on were the instructions given for the designing of the brochures as the class seemed to have numerous questions when she gave the go-ahead to commence with the activity.

Like what was mentioned in class, I think she did a great job in handling the cheeky ideas brought forth by the male group by allowing them to use ‘hotel 81’ in their brochures as long they could justify their reasons. This showed that she was open to ideas and allowed for the group to feel accepted. In the end, they did not even use that initial idea but came up with ‘normal’ attractions such as golf courses, eating places etc. the massage palour would have been alright if sukairan (erm hope I spelt your name correctly) did not make the remark to Felicia.

Often, Run’ Er ignores comments that is made by the class. guess this is good in a sense that she does not allow herself to get distracted and it would be disruptive to the lesson if she has to continually settle every small minute problem between the students.

We can see how students would judge the teacher and even test the teacher to see where one’s threshold is. For instance, when Run’ Er asked Angel to pass her the food, Angel tested Run' Er by not giving in so easily. Run' Er then decided to pursue the matter outside class after the lesson had ended. i guess this is a good method that we can learn from, since it lessens the disruption to the lesson and perhaps we can think of what to say to the student in case we are unsure of how to deal with the issue there and then.. sneaky... hehe

Also, think asking Angel to write all the points on the board probably was not such a good idea as the class was constantly complaining about how messy the board was. hm.. intially i thought that she asked angel to be the official note-taker as she takes down a lot of notes during normal class time. but upon learning that she Angel was the 'chosen one' because it was perceived that she might create trouble, i thought that it might make things worse to have her behind the teacher's back as she might make money faces or somthing..

i think run' er's idea of designing a brocchure is quite a good one as i belive that students often like hands-on work. and this project forces that to brain storm on ideas in a fun and interactive manner. Also, run' er was aware of the time and constantly reminded the class on how much time they had left. one thing that i noticed was that one group finished way ahead of the other groups. i think that we can learn from this because as teachers, we have to acknowledge that even though pupils are streamed, students in class are still of different learning abilities. we must think of how to ensure that the faster students do not feel bored etc.

hmm.. ok, thats all i have to say for the time being! till then


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