Tuesday, August 31, 2004


hee finally i'm in! Run'er would know what i'm talking about..forgot that i had to log in to post something, then realised that i forgot what my password was. muddleheaded.. dunno how i'm going to teach next time. phew, thankfully i managed to get it after playing around with the permutations of some passwords.

well, guess we're already into the 6th week of school. think most of us have been pretty busy with assignments and all. geo lessons have been an eye-opener. been meaning to write in my blog consistently but was caught up with weekly lesson plans for pupil experience class, 514 social context assignments etc. heh and probably just kept putting this blog off. this calls for better time management.

hm, Clifton's lesson went pretty well. well in a sense of his ablity to manage the class. think there was quite a lot that we can learn from him. guess some of which includes:

- having a number system so that students are assigned different roles. eg. time keeper, group leader etc
-> however, as teachers, we have to ensure that the whole group is contributing. this can be done by walking around the class and moving from group to group.

- do not always look for conventional answers as it is perfectly fine for students to come up with their own answers as long as they can justify their answers.

-> the teacher would have to be know the big picture as well as the objectives of the lesson so as to tie back whatever the student has mentioned with the syllabus.
-> hm.. but what happens if the student says something that the teacher is unsure about the answer? say that we will go back and check it out? would this then reduce our credibility?
-> hence, think the teacher should also be well read. good to keep ourselves updated etc.

ah well, and many other points which Kenneth has mentioned.

as for today's class, learnt quite a few things too. hee didnt really think that we could have experiments for geo class. always thought that it's more for science lessons. think experiments makes lessons more interesting and arouses students interests. perhaps some of the things that could have been done so that students were more focused were to give them a worksheet for them to fill in. the questions might have been on the power pt slides but students are easily distracted and might not bother too much about answering questions since they do not have to fill in anything. some other things i've learnt is about

- always think ahead of potential problems that could crop up, ie. expecting the unexpected
- thinking fast on one's feet since students nowadays seem to be getting smarter, question more etc. sometimes, guess they do not question simply because they are curious but maybe to test the teacher too.

etc etc etc. hee.

anyway, think the blog is a great idea. was thinking that it would be good if we could share our ideas in future when we start teaching. like lesson plans and all.. hehe maybe even like test papers and other resources is possible. makes things a whole lot easier... ok.. my 2 cents worth. hee should get started on my psyc assignment soon... groan.. hee gd luck with it fellow coursemates :P


Blogger WJ said...

hello! Just dropping in to say hi, I read your blog.

Yeah, should definitely get this resource sharing thing going.

I was going to make this other comment but I forgot what I wanted to write. =P
- Angel

August 31, 2004 at 9:30 AM  

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